Friday, July 2, 2010

Zhariff wihout arms, can serve people

Semalam, sempat saya mendengar sedikit perkongsian daripada Zhariff Afandi di Live & Inspire series II yang berkahir semalam di Bangsar Village II

Let's we know who is Zhariff Afandi that i will talk about

So who is Zhariff Afandi?

Muhammad Zhariff Afandi is an extremely strong willed person and has been involved with many humanitarian relief and community development efforts in the past.

When the 2004 tsunami had hit Acheh Indonesia, Zhariff organized a volunteer program there to assist in the relief efforts. Collaborating with a host of different groups including a local Indonesian NGO GEMMA 9, MERCY Malaysia, Women’s Institute for Research Development (WIRDA), The Malaysian Royal Army, and the Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister’s Humanitarian Delegation, Zhariff had then spent a total of nine months there assisting and coordinating Relief and Rehabilitative programs for the tsunami survivors.

When the Cyclone Nagris had struck Burma, Zhariff organized a series of music fundraising events called THE BURMA BLASTER SOUND SESSIONS. Three music events were organized in two venues within Gold Coast, and had generated awareness towards Save the Children humanitarian relief fund in Burma.

He was also active in advocating breast cancer awareness as PRIDE (Pink Ribbon Deeds) Foundation’s head of business development and is currently involved in managing the Public Relations and Programs Development for DARC (Denai Alam Riding and Recreation Club). DARC is an NGO that has established a socially innovative and first of its kind community centre. It incorporates a horse riding facility, an outdoor adventure park, and a community activity space all within one vicinity. For more information visit

Zhariff, man that born without arms, it's was so pitty to see. But, unfornately, he able to do anythings, to serve people, to talk with people, even though he ham to arms. He also graduated from our local university and also help people when they need.

I'm not talking too much what zhariff had done for people, let's we talk what we do for people in our live.

kadang-kadang kita yang mempunyai dua tangan dan lengkap segalanya ini seringkali merungut apa sahaja kerja yang kita terima. Semua serba tidak kene. Ada sahaja rungutan kita. Sedangkan mereka yang tidak mempunyai anggota badan yang lengkap pula tidak merungut apa-apa sahaja tugas yang mereka terima.


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